Character Design

One of my oldest toons, Mesu Tempra.

I hope you see a theme, I love werewolves.

Hunter and his forms.

Hunter and people he is associated with.

Original toon, Siouxsie, her eyes are just really dark, no holes, and her bottom jaw is bone, yes.

Siouxsie dressed down, plus her roommates, Liara and Amilia.

I also love Dungeons and Dragons, here is one of my Tieflings, Piper, a College of Lore Bard with a thing for bones in a slightly morbid fashion.

DnD inspired character.

FireBird Outfit Layering

CnD Outfit Layering

Helped my friend Rio bring her toon’s design to life. Blue, he’s a husky.

Original toon, Candy, a cat girl, her boyfriend is Blue.